Properties on your site

Fully hosted online property listings for publishers

home-04Focus on what you do best: marketing your brand, working with your advertisers or other clients, and providing your best service. Let us worry about the technical operations of running your property listings.

We can power property listings for you as we do on a wide variety of websites, whether you have a national brand, a portfolio of regional or local sites, or if your site is property-specific or has some other standalone focus. In each case we will power the listings and operate all the systems relating to the property feeds, enquiries and reporting. We can also manage all the invoicing and collections, whether the business model be subscription charging or performance-based charging, such as Pay-Per-Lead.

We are able to publish property listings with broad national coverage, or we can be very specific about what properties to publish on your site. For example, you may want properties only from certain estate agencies, or only in a specific geographical area; alternatively, you may only want properties within a certain price range, or of a certain type. We can satisfy all these requirements.

To find out more about how we can help you, and how our portal service might help grow your business, please call us or contact us using the form below.