Boomerang Auto Responder

Prompt and polished responses to all portal enquiries
... driving users directly to your own website

Step 1: <BR>Portal enquiry

Step 1:
Portal enquiry

As happens every day of the week, at all times of day or night, a house-hunter finds one of your properties on a portal and sends you an enquiry, which you receive from the portal via email.

Step 2: <br>Automatic response, any time of day or night

Step 2:
Automatic response, any time of day or night

The Boomerang fires an email directly to the applicant, fully branded by you and personalised to the applicant. It shows:

  • staff profiles, giving a human face to your agency
  • details of the office that’s marketing that property
  • similar properties, to generate further interest
  • all linked to drive traffic into YOUR website
Step 3: <br>Drive the user to YOUR website

Step 3:
Drive the user to YOUR website

As well as giving a prompt and polished response, and follow-up by the applicant will be directly on your website – giving you the chance to build a deeper relationship and win more valuations.

Interested?  Please do get in touch.

Principal Benefits

*  Consistent, prompt response

*  Prompt brand impact:  including out of hours

*  Responds to multi-agent-mailings

*  Personalised with staff

*  Similar properties links

*  Drives repeat traffic direct to your website

*  Measurement & tracking (quality / volume)

*  You can be up and running in a couple of days.  Go for it!