Building a simple redirect page

How to build a page we can use to direct traffic deep into your estate agent website

If you are reading this article, then hopefully you are a web developer, operating a website for an estate agent client.  And that client wants to have us linking directly to their product details pages, but, for whatever reason, we can’t latch onto property detail pages, using the references we have in their property data feed.

This article explains what we would ideally have added to their site, so that we can make those deep links work…

They may wanting traffic directly to property detail pages for any of three reasons:

  • Either they are wanting to use our mobile website add on, which allows for “reverse redirects”, ie if a user sends a mobile website property detail page to their husband or wife, who then opens that link on a desktop computer, we’d like to be able to “reverse redirect” that traffic cleanly to the property detail page on your main website.
  • And/or they may be advertising on one of our portal clients property sites – some of these allow links out to their own website from a property-to-property level
  • Or it may be because they have are keen to use our Boomerang product, which responds automatically and instantly to Rightmove and Zoopla enquiries, with emails inviting the applicants direct to their own website. Those emails have matching properties in them, and we’re keen to be able to link directly to the properties on the site you built for them.

In any of these three cases, if you are reading this article, it is likely to be because you have fully clean URLs, or URLs which use your own property ID references, rather than the underlying property ID reference from the estate agent’s software system, so we can’t map to them.

Perhaps you have URL structures like:

  • or maybe a property reference ID number, but not one that works without the full street address too
  • or maybe a property reference ID which is from your web CMS, and is not the same as the software ID for those properties, which we get sent in their datafeed
  • or finally, maybe there are no permanent, clean, uniquely addressable URLs for the property details pages, and they all appear on the same URL

In any instance, all we need is an addressable URL with any of the following types of format:

And for that URL to respond, and redirect the user, to your full clean URL as above, or to call the property in question up, however you want to make that redirect work.

If you have any questions, or want to chat to one of our engineers, please do give our support team a call.

(Also, as an aside, if you are interested in chatting to us about becoming a partner building estate agent websites using our API, then we’d love to hear from you.  We always have more estate agent websites in build, than we have designers to deal with them, so we are always looking to expand the network of website developer partners we work with.  That’s the only way we build sites; we always work with a partner in every instance, and the next one could be you.  Please do get in touch.)