Getting your estate agency video seen

Tips and ideas to get the views rolling in

If you’ve gone to the trouble of investing in a great estate agency video, you’ll want to leverage that investment properly.  You want it seen by thousands of people, especially using it to help convert your vendor prospects more effectively.  Here are some ideas to get that play count sky rocketing:

First, use Youtube as the distribution channel.  These days the Youtube embedded player has so many controls, and flexibility that dedicated players, or vimeo (the other main, free option) just aren’t needed.  And Youtube has the huge benefit of natural distribution on it’s own.

However, to maximise your exposure you might want to consider the following:

  • Put the video, on your homepage, in an exposed and recognisable player, in full view, above the fold
  • Link to it in various ways in text links throughout your site
  • Promote it in side bars, alongside property listings, and especially alongside your “why use us” type of content for vendors and landlords
  • Ensure you have it well labelled in Youtube itself to maximise discoverability
  • PR the video – talk to your local newspaper group, get them to link to it as a throw in, if you are advertising with them.
  • Email it to all your customers
  • Add it to your email signatures
  • Add it to your automated email alert signatures
  • Add it to your mobile site (yes, 3G networks are perfectly fast enough these days)
  • Maybe put it on silent loop, or a low volume loop, if you have a waiting area in your office
  • Maybe send it to all applicants by automatic email response
  • And or manually send it out, in focused process, with all viewing confirmation emails

Targeting prospective vendors with focus:

  • Make it a matter of ABSOLUTE process, that you pre-email the video to all prospective vendors / valuations – before going to meet them.  “In advance of our free market appraisal next week, I wanted to send you this video.  As we’ll be in your home, please do make an effort to view the video, to give you a bit of a background, before we meet up and chat”.
  • When you meet up with them, ask if they had chance to view the video
  • If not, leave it playing with them on an iPad, in the living room, whilst you “measure up the rooms upstairs”
  • And if you don’t get chance, include it again, in your immediate follow up email (just one more touch point)

And Social Media it to the max:

  • Tweet the video – you can re-tweet it once every few weeks too
  • Post the video to your Facebook page
  • And add it to your company (and even your director’s) Linkedin pages
  • And don’t forget that most important, too often overlooked, social network: Google+

Next steps:

If you are thinking about video, we can’t help directly.  Though we have some great contacts and ideas in the video market, so please do get in touch and we can chat about ideas, then direct you on to some people we recommend to help.

And, if you enjoyed this article, and you read the sister article about making great estate agency video in the first place, then you might enjoy other thoughts and ideas in our resources library.