So, websites need to be different on a phone

You have to adapt, for a bunch of reasons...

The experience of browsing a regular website on a mobile phone is desperately disappointing.  We’ve all done it: using our two opposable thumbs to pinch and expand, fumbling around a full size website on a chronically undersized screen!

You need a dedicated approach, because:

  • the mobile “use cases” are often quite different to desktop
  • the reader is navigating by thumb, not mouse
  • simplicity is paramount on a small screen
  • you’ll want to focus navigation to a few simple options
  • the search form needs to be really simple; clear, big buttons
  • you’ll want to take advantage of “get-current-location” capabilities
  • contact info needs to be really easy to get to in one click
  • click-to-call buttons are great – it is a phone after all!
  • and ideally you’d bundle the whole site up into a genuine “app”, yet still serve it over the mobile web: we’ll come to this…

Those whopping great big photos on your shiny new website design are huge files, and they don’t fit down the narrow pipes that satellites offer to mobile phones.  They make for a dog slow browsing experience, which is the last thing you want on the move.  When it comes to websites, speed is king, and it’s doubly important on mobile.

Then there are the long form articles you’ve carefully written, explaining all about your team, and your brand new branch.  They’re great on your nice big, desktop site, where people have time and space to read.  But nobody wants to read War and Peace on a phone.  You need to adapt your content for the device, and that means short and sweet.

All these things mean that users bounce off websites that aren’t optimised for mobile very quickly.  And these are lost opportunities for you to have won some business, or created a good impression of your agency with a potential vendor.

So, what next?

None of this is rocket science, and it’s easy to fix; let’s look at your options.

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Thanks for reading!