Will Boomerang Spike my Website Traffic?

Why the Auto-Responder generates very high value, focused traffic

A 10 branch agency client, who recently signed up to Boomerang, asked us:

“Should we expect Boomerang to create a spike in traffic to our website, and is there any way to measure it using Analytics?”

Great questions, and also the kind of questions we suspect might appeal to some of the more advanced online marketeers out there, so we thought we’d publish our response here…

Firstly, yes, you can track Boomerang

Boomerang emails can be tagged up with Google Analytics campaign tracking, linked in to your main Google Analytics account. We can do this irrespective of whether we power your website or not. The tracking tags install automatically with all the usual “campaign source / medium / name” type of goodies that you’d expect, so that you can isolate the link types, and portal sources.

If you are not sure whether your Boomerang mails are tracking already, then please get in touch with our support team. They will take you through the steps to get that enabled.

Boomerang generates solid click through rates

Across a group of agents we looked at this for recently, stats indicate the emails get just over 2% click through rate. That’s about double the industry average for well-maintained email newsletters, and over 4-times the click through rate for a purchased list, or a large email campaign (which isn’t as welcome as a tailored, targeted, personalised email). This all makes perfect sense, as Boomerang emails are much more compelling, and are clearly “welcomed” emails, like order confirmation emails from an e-commerce site.

That said, it won’t move the needle relative to your overall website traffic

The particular client in question has 10 branches and gets around 520 email portal enquiries from Rightmove and Zoopla combined per month. (They’re quite high end, and not particularly lettings heavy, both of which result in fewer portal leads per branch than an average agent). As soon as you run that through a 2% click through rate, it’s not going to translate into big volumes, and certainly not in any way that could be described as a “spike”, relative to general web traffic (direct traffic, and SEO, etc.).

Aside: Once you are running Boomerang, you’ll get comprehensive reporting on your lead-flow quantity and quality, inside your Homeflow Lead admin dashboard which you can find here:


http:// [your-hf-name].homeflow.co.uk/admin/lead_reports/branch

Our support team can send you your hf-name if you don’t have it, and you’ll find a direct link in the confirmation emails you get from Boomerang too.

Boomerang is about being professional, prompt and polite

Whilst the traffic that Boomerang generates is very high quality (see below), the value of Boomerang is as much from the brand impression it sets for your agency.

Boomerang sends a branded mail, with your logo and in your colours, as a prompt response within minutes of the portal enquiries. It does so relentlessly, and consistently. Which is like the web equivalent of having a very prompt, polite negotiator answering the phone within 3 rings, 24 hours a day. If you are getting 2% click through, then you are getting 30%+ engagement on the email – correspondingly higher than an average email.

Boomerang gives you personality in a de-personalised world – introducing your staff profiles in response to property enquiries. And it positions you as highly professional, a cut above the rest, more organised and more sophisticated.

It also does its bit helping with winning instructions. Remember that applicant lead flow from the portals is disproportionately likely also to have a house to sell, (even if they aren’t admitting it in their tick box responses as they don’t want to be bothered). If you are capable of generating a quick, branded response, then you’ll be impressing potential vendors. They’ll take away the implication that if you respond to their enquiry that professionally, you’d likely do the same for their buyers – a powerful brand impression, right where it counts!

Furthermore, the auto-responder works on branch emails (the so called multi-send leads that went to 15 other agents at the same time as they were sent to you) as well as property specific leads. If you’re the only agent to respond promptly and courteously, rather than ignoring the multi-send mails (as most agents do), then you’re the one setting the strong, leading, responsive brand impression. Guess who they’re going to feel favourably inclined to instruct for their house sale out of the 10 agents in town!

The traffic Boomerang generates is VERY valuable traffic

The click throughs that Boomerang generates is NOT casual traffic. It is traffic that has already demonstrated a propensity to send enquiries via the web (that’s how they got there). This is very active, proven, high value traffic to get onto your site, get registered directly within your own databases, etc: it’s much more valuable than random, curious traffic, not yet in a transacting frame of mind.

And it’s traffic that is disproportionately good for SEO

As we’ve covered in various SEO articles, Google’s ranking of your business is moving ever harder towards “quality” measures. Ratios like the repeat visit ratio of traffic on your site, are strong indicators of a quality site (obviously something valuable enough on the site to drive them back and back). To date, the main instrument you have for driving up your repeat visit ratio is your property-matching email alert engine.

But traffic generated by Boomerang is disproportionately likely to be repeat traffic. A large number of people who enquire once go on to make multiple enquiries, and that, coupled with the generally engaged traffic quality that we believe the mails generate as per the point above, means that the Boomerang traffic is likely to be pushing up your repeat visit ratio hard.

It would obviously be possible to get a bit more of a handle on some of those metrics by creating a custom segment out of your Boomerang traffic in your Google Analytics account. If there are any particularly sophisticated clients reading this, who are willing to set up that funnel, then we’d love to hear the evidence, one way or another, and we’ll republish the findings here.  Please do let us know.

One more thing:  Our LABS project

Finally, if you’ve read all this and you have over 5 branches, then you are almost certain to like our LABS project. If you’re not already part of it, you probably should be.  It’s analytics to the next level – helping compare your performance to other large agency groups, easily and anonymously.