How does support work at Homeflow?

You’re in safe hands, so sit back and relax, we’re here to help.

Having a really friendly, prompt, clear, and professional support team behind the ongoing operations of your estate agent website is critical to you feeling in safe hands.  It also makes a big difference to the efficiency of your website as the main marketing tool in your arsenal.  You can read the basics of our support here, this article covers a bit more of the detail for clients who have asked how our support processes really work in practice.

At Homeflow, we provide “all-you-can-eat” support.  This covers any and all issues on your website.  No billing for support hours, or counting support tickets, it’s all included as part of the licence.  Indeed this is one of the key reasons we believe in charging monthly fees.

We tend to find that agents coming to us, typically haven’t enjoyed this kind of all-you-can-eat support, are used to being charged for so much as breathing when it comes to their website.  Any change to any page, or fixes to the system get charged.  Things look cheaper at the outset, but they end up paying to make even the simplest of changes, which results in one of two things: either the agent ends up paying more than expected, or, worse, they end up not making changes to their site, so that their service slowly goes out of date, and develops cracks and out of date content.

So, to be clear, you can add as many pages as you like to your Homeflow website, and we’ll support you.  Change your footer logos, we’ll support you.  Open branches, change phone numbers, have new staff join and want to add them to your site, no problem.  No additional charges.  Period.  And this isn’t usual.

And you can have utter faith in the reliability of our support, as it is rock solid…  as we write this article:

  • Since the start of our agent website operations over 3 years ago, we’ve been sent 25,176 separate support requests from hundreds of clients.
  • Of those, 25,012 have been resolved.
  • These will cover the whole gamut of technical bugs, content changes, menu changes, requests for passwords, request to flush feeds, requests for assistance, or reminder training on how to add a staff member, or change a location polygon, or whatever.
  • 56 are fresh in since yesterday – the team will be on those right now.
  • (We’re processing somewhere over 200 a day at the moment on average)
  • The other 100, or so, are in various states of resolution, with us, or sometimes third parties.
  • Our average time to resolution is under 24 hours, often much faster, though clearly some tougher issues, take longer, of course.  But for an average, that’s pretty solid.

So, you can sit back and enjoy the feeling of Porsche quality and support.  And this makes a big difference to the ride – we encourage you to reference widely.

You can submit support requests in one of three ways:

  • Phoning us during working hours
  • Emailing support at homeflow – (this automatically logs the support request)
  • Or, ideally, submit a support ticket directly into your Homeflow admin

We strongly encourage the latter route wherever possible.  It typically takes a while for clients build the confidence to trust in the online submission route, as they feel they’ll get better service if they call in.  However, to be clear, all we do in the first two routes is channel the support request into the same system, as we can’t serve you to the high standard we want, without that discipline.  So the fastest route is to put the ticket in online.  In addition to this the system then automatically attaches the support request to your agency account, which helps us streamline our service to you, and it goes some way to helping categorise the enquiry type (feed issue, image question, navigation change, new content, branch changes, login issues / forgotten passwords, etc.) which also helps.  Finally, the online submission logs what type of browser you are using, and where you had been in the steps before submitting the support request, which can often help in resolving some queries.  So, in sum, please use the online support.

Then depending on how you buy your website from us, we organise support in one of two ways:

  • Your design partner can do the 1st line support ongoing with Homeflow providing 2nd line support for any more technical issues
  • Or, in most cases, Homeflow takes 1st and 2nd line support from the launch

All pages in the system have “mini help” build it (light grey 8 point font, explaining in plain English what each form field does, and giving examples of what you can type in).  You can hide the “mini help” on a page by page basis, to clean the forms up for an even more streamlined experience once you are familiar with the system, which is something we find out more sophisticated clients appreciate.  There are also longer “in page help” files on many of the more involved pages of the system, though these are not yet comprehensive.  We are soon to be releasing a series of video demonstrations of key operations too.

We can train on site – and we do this for larger clients (anyone above 5 branches, right the way up to the hundred branchers we’ve got).  However, that said, it’s really a very intuitive platform, and our training tries to demonstrate that, by posing example issues, and encouraging you to explore the solution hands on first, to build confidence.  Normally agents discover that it’s super intuitive.  We also use that training, to encourage feedback on making the system easier still (requests for which we encourage, also via the support system).

So, hopefully that helps give a bit of detail on how support works at Homeflow.  We do encourage you to reference clients widely for third party validation of this service. And, having said we prefer tickets online, it’s also true that we welcome talking to our clients too, so give us a call and chat to us about your online marketing.  We’re a friendly team, and we’re eager to help you win. Please do get in touch.