User Testing (2): Navigation Systems

What’s in the video?

Getting your site visitors to the information they want in your site is .

Chosen sites with different users.


Leaders: 50 sec


James Pendleton: 2:08


Haus Properties: 3:30


Hamptons: 5:05


Haart: 6:43


Strutt & Parker: 10:00


Foxtons: 13:48


KFH: 16:50


D&G: 21:24


M&P: 22:48


Chestertons: 26:36


Winkworth: 30:12



Drop down panels: Divisive, not consistent (no drop down for ”Offices’)


Good navigation feedback


Submission forms  = good, invite you in



Churchods: 32:21



In this, the second of our extensive user testing series, we ask our users to navigate around the websites 14 sites in rapid succession. They get 20-30 seconds on each site, and they are asked to tell us “what they like”, “what they dislike” and their score out of 10.

Usual caveats apply: We’ve edited out all the pauses, concentrating hours of footage into a short(ish) video. That results in glitches and gives a bit of a false impression of the test, in that we didn’t guide them as much as the video suggests. Not all users were asked to navigate every site, and whilst we’ve edited out repeat comments, we have sought to ensure the edit doesn’t alter the overall message in any way.

The sites are in groups – and you can jump to the footage here:

  • Simple single tier navigation:
  • Split primary and secondary nav:  Leaders, James Pendleton
  • Panel based navigation:

Pressed for time? You can jump straight to the summary conclusions here, or read them below.


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(1)  Sub Title

(2)  Google is starting to Connect too

Regular Homeflow readers, will be familiar with the fact we’ve written a lot about SEO in the past!  And you’ll know how your performance in Google search results is second only to your Rightmove advertising in its significance to your business, and arguably the most important thing you can do online to win new instructions.  In this presentation we cover a really nice overview of how Google is changing at a fundamental level.  Google is now beginning to connect up with your social media activity, your reviews, and increasingly, we believe it is connecting with systems like Google Chrome and Analytics to get a real insight into how your customers are enjoying your website as a measure of how to rank your site.  This becomes very important to understand for the future of your agency.

(3)  Your software and your website want to hold hands

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