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Understanding Consent in your Marketing Settings

A guide to your Homeflow Marketing Settings

Marketing Settings

When you log into your Homeflow Admin, you’ll see a new option to view the Marketing Preferences of an individual.

To find this, click on ‘People’ in the top black navigation bar, then the ‘Marketing Preferences’ tab – on the far right of the grey tabs.

This is the screen that you’ll see for each of your customers.

Marketing Settings page

What do each of these tick boxes mean?

Accepted Marketing Consent statement

  • If this is ticked, it means that the customer ticked the marketing consent statement on your website form.
  • The date and time of their consent will be displayed alongside the tick box.
  • You can see the marketing consent statement they agreed to in the ‘Opt in marketing statement’ box.
  • The default marketing statement is “Get emails with the latest news and information on the local property market, our products and services. You can unsubscribe at any time.” – although you may have changed this to suit the needs of your agency.
  • You can also see the url (the page on your website) that the customer was on when they completed the form, in the ‘Opt in marketing url’ box.

Can I email someone with marketing promotions if they’ve ticked the ‘Accepted Marketing Consent statement’ box?

  • Our recommendation is that you use a double opt in process.
  • If they tick the marketing consent statement when submitting a website form, Homeflow then sends them an email to confirm their email address – asking them to ‘double opt in‘.
  • If the ‘Accepted Marketing Consent statement’ box is ticked, but the ‘Double opted into Marketing’ box at the bottom of this marketing settings page is unticked, this means that the customer hasn’t confirmed their email address.
  • If your agency is following the double opt in process, you shouldn’t email this customer with promotional messages until they have double opted in. It’s fine to send them transactional emails – for example, sending them details of a house viewing.

Accepted T&Cs statement

  • If this is ticked, it means that the customer has submitted a website form after 25 May 2018 and ticked the ‘I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.’ statement. It’s not possible to submit a form within ticking this statement (unless your agency has requested a bespoke process).
  • If this is unticked, it probably means that this customer record dates from before the GDPR.

Double opted into Marketing

  • If this is ticked, the customer has confirmed their email address, by clicking on a double opt in link in a Homeflow email.
  • You can add this customer’s email address to your marketing database and send them promotional emails, as long as these emails fall within the scope of your marketing consent statement.


Opted out of Marketing

If this box is ticked, the customer has elected not to receive any further promotional emails by either:

  1. Clicking on an unsubscribe link at the bottom of a Homeflow email
  2. Logging into their Homeflow account and opting out of marketing emails
  3. Requesting that their preferences are changed by one of your agency staff, who has manually changed this tick box within your Homeflow Admin.


User settings – Account confirmation status

  • This shows whether the customer has asked for an account on your website and if they have been sent log in details.
  • Prior to 25 May 2018, accounts were set up automatically for all customers. These will show as not_asked.
  • After 25 May 2018, customers will be asked if they would like a website account when they submit a website form. You can see if they have requested log in details in this field.

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