Star ratings

What are star ratings in my list of leads?

Star ratings are our way of scoring leads in our system.

Not all leads are of equal quality…

Leads are scored from 1-5. This is done based on the level of contact details and information the applicant provides. Enquiries with vendor or landlord possibilities are scored more highly too.

We also score phone call leads based on duration of the call. It’s a rough proxy, but a good start.

If you are interested in maximising the value from your portal enquiries, including Rightmove and Zoopla, then you’ll probably be fascinated by our Boomerang product, which automatically responds to your portal enquiries, with a prompt, courteous email, confirming their enquiry on the specific property was received, introducing similar properties, inviting applicants and vendors directly to your own website within minutes of their portal enquiry.

Another example of where this is useful is helping you discern how specific a lead is:

For example, some portals send leads to multiple agents, so called “multi-send”, whereas other portals only send enquiries on single properties to single agents. Clearly these specific enquiries, on specific properties, only sent to your agency are worth more, than a general registration sent to multiple agents. We help you score these accordingly.

You can override these settings with your own star ranking, for your own records by simply clicking on the star ranking to change it as you see fit.

We believe that helping you assess the quality of your enquiries from different portals is important. So we run these star ranks against all telephone calls and email enquiries, both on the individual leads, and the people who send them, throughout our system, wherever they occur.

Do please contact us to let us know what you think.

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