How to update the address of your new GDPR policies

Ensure your GDPR forms link to the right addresses

All website forms will include consent to T&Cs, Privacy and Cookie Policies from 25 May

Homeflow-hosted website forms will include a new statement before the GDPR deadline:

I have read and agree to the Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

These will link through to your 3 GDPR policy pages, so that your customers can read more before ticking the box and submitting the form.

Homeflow website form with GDPR statements


What do I need to check?

  • Have you created, or updated these 3 policy pages?

You can download a free copy of our template policies, as a starting point, and tailor these to the needs of your agency.


The statement on your forms will link through to the following pages:

Terms and Conditions ‘slug’: /pages/terms-of-use

Privacy Policy ‘slug’: /pages/privacy-policy

Cookies ‘slug’: /pages/cookies

So – for example – if your agency domain name is, your Terms and Conditions should be at

You need to make sure that the ‘slug’ on each of your pages matches this.


My current policies are on a different URL – what do I do?

Your policies might currently be on a different URL – for example, your Terms and Conditions might be on /pages/terms (not /pages/terms-of-use)

It’s quick and easy to change this, so that the links from your website forms go to the right place, rather than giving a 404 error.

You simply need to update the ‘Slug’ field in your Homeflow admin. See our guide on how to reach this page.

Cookies page


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