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Do you need a Homeflow site to run our Valuation tool?

You can use Homeflow Valuation on any website - but there are benefits to keeping customer data in one place.

Homeflow Valuation – Instant Valuations for any website

We can help you to install Homeflow Valuation onto your website, whether it is built by Homeflow or not.

If you have a Homeflow site, integration of our instant online valuation tool is easy. Homeflow Valuation will be a seamless part of your website and your instant valuation leads will be added to your main real estate leads database.

If you have a Homeflow site but would rather choose a third-party tool, that’s fine – but the integration will be a little more clunky. You’ll probably need to use a sub-domain of your URL (e.g. instant-valuation_yoursitename.co.uk) and your leads will end up in a side system, which you’ll need to check separately.

Homeflow Valuation keeps your customer data in one place

If you have a Homeflow website, Homeflow Valuation creates a ‘Single Customer View’.

Let’s explain.

  • When a customer requests a Homeflow Valuation instant valuation on your site, their email address and contact details are added to your user database.
  • If they’ve given you their details before, their valuation request will be added to their user record.
  • If they are a new customer, a user record will be created.
  • When that customer phones you, or walks into your branch, or visits your website again, you’ll know who they are, and will be able to see that they have requested a Homeflow Valuation.

A big part of Homeflow service is working with you to optimise your lead conversion rate – in fact, this is the main focus of our Customer Success Team. If all of your customer data is held within the Homeflow system we can help you review your success in converting leads. We can review your reports with you and share benchmarking data so that you can see how you compare to other agencies.

What happens if I have a Homeflow website and choose a third party Valuation tool?

If a customer requests an instant valuation on a tool from another provider then:

  • Your website loses sight of the customer
  • Your website can’t log the customer in
  • Your website doesn’t save the customer’s valuation request
  • There is no way of your website pushing the customer lead into your back end software
  • Your website can’t integrate your lead reporting – so we can’t report and benchmark your conversion performance.

If you’d like to know more on the detail of how we synch and share user IDs between your software and your website, so you have a Single Customer View (SCV), please get in touch

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