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How Homeflow Valuation works

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Homeflow Valuation is an Instant Online Valuation tool – a plug in to your website to give your customers an instant property valuation.

Read about the benefits of Homeflow Valuation.

So how does Homeflow Valuation work?

(1) Add Homeflow Valuation messaging to your website

Homeflow Valuation 0

The key is to make it easy for customers to request an online valuation, both when they land on your website, and later, as they browse.

We recommend you add calls to action for Homeflow Valuation on your home page, in a prominent position. Many of our clients also add ‘Instant Online Valuation’ to their main navigation, and on other relevant pages.

If you have a Homeflow website, we’ll do this for you, free of charge.

But don’t worry if you aren’t a Homeflow website customer, as we’ll provide everything your developer needs to add Homeflow Valuation quickly and easily.


(2) Obtain property details

Homeflow Valuation 1

When customers click on ‘Instant Online Valuation’, they’ll be taken to this screen.

First, they’ll be prompted to give their postcode. This automatically gives them a choice of addresses, which they simply select from the drop-down menu. They select the number of bedrooms and property type, and move onto the next step.

Try Homeflow Valuation for yourself.


(3) Ask for customer details

Homeflow Valuation 2

Next, the customer will be asked for a few personal details. They’ll be prompted to explain their moving plans – whether they intend to move ASAP, in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, or don’t know. The tool also asks their reason for gaining a valuation – whether they are selling only, buying and selling, buying only or are just curious as to the value of their property.

(4) The third step in the Homeflow Valuation tool is unique

Homeflow Valuation 3

After entering their personal details, the customer is shown examples of 6 nearby properties and asked which are similar to their own.

We’re very proud of this innovative additional step, as it makes the final valuation result far more accurate than the other valuation tools on the market.

This is because very time a valuation is requested through Homeflow Valuation, our algorithms improve the accuracy of our assessments, meaning that your customers get meaningful results.

Our research also shows that having this involvement in the process makes your customers trust the valuation more.


(5) Get the valuation result

Homeflow Valuation 4

Your customer is shown a valuation for their property, alongside a street view and map of the local area.

A minimum and potential figure are given, to allow your agency latitude when carrying out a face-to-face valuation.

We also show a selection of similar properties that your agency has recently sold in the area, reinforcing your position as a leader in the local market.


(6) The valuation lead lands in your inbox

The moment a vendor or landlord sees their valuation result, a lead is sent to your inbox. You’ll receive their contact details, plus all the information they provided and the valuation they received.

Homeflow Valuation clients have had great results in converting these leads into home appraisals.

Find out more about why you should choose Homeflow Valuation, including details of how the tool has driven up to 22 times more vendor and landlord leads for our clients.


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