Traffic During Lockdown

How UK Estate Agents' website traffic was hit during lockdown, and how it is returning as we ease back towards normality...

What’s in the video?

In this 4 minute video we examine how traffic has rolled off going into Lockdown, and how it has recovered in the recent weeks since.  We also look underneath that trend at what is happening to the nature and quality of that traffic.

We explore how all of the various engagement metrics, eg. pages per session and average session duration, have gone UP during lockdown, and how the traffic that comes is made up of more new users, coming with real intent.

Finally we look at how some agents have powered through the lockdown period either retaining, or even doubling down on, their PPC spend.  This is brave work, and is exactly the theory of what you should be doing to take advantage of the greater market share changing opportunities that turbulent times offer for the bold.  Easier said than done, clearly.

If you have enjoyed this video, then we would strongly recommend you watch the sequel – which examines more detail behind what estate agents are doing, to have a stronger recovery to traffic and leads as we emerge over the coming months.

You may also be interested in a related topic of the mix of where traffic comes from, for a series of 10 larger, digitally savvy, estate agency groups.

If you are interested in joining our Benchmarking Programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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