Software as a Service

Why we charge monthly fees for our websites and services

When you buy a website, or a piece of software, there are basically two approaches to how this may be priced:

  1. in a lump sum, where you pay the supplier for delivering the product, for which you are then responsible
  2. a much smaller, regular payment (such as monthly), where you pay for the website (or software) and its evolution over time, and the provider remains involved in the servicing and improvement of what they provide

This latter model is called “software as a service” (or SaaS), and is increasingly the standard way to buy software or web systems that are important to your business.

We charge monthly fees for our websites. These vary according to the size of your agency and are fair and affordable.

There may also be an upfront build fee, depending on whether you choose a Bespoke Website, or one of our template websites.

In this video we explore what is included in the monthly licence. You’ll end up paying it whoever you go with, either by the back door or transparently, if you want to keep your website up to date, and keep it in good condition, we explain more here…

At Homeflow, we are committed believers in the SaaS model. We believe that it’s a cost-effective way for businesses to access superior technology, which we know is important to be competitive.  We price our products using the SaaS model, and most of the software that we use ourselves in our business is also bought using this approach.
It is very important to understand the strong benefits of this approach to buying web software and web systems from Homeflow:
  • Your website and its software platform continues to evolve and improve, all the time, long after its launch
  • You get access to innovation much earlier than if you were to see it, specify it, and request it to be built – often it is built into Homeflow’s platform functionality before you’ve even seen it elsewhere
  • You avoid additional further build costs for any later features that you need added as new developments
  • You avoid needing to rebuild your website in 18-24 months, as it has kept up to date. You can focus on design or brand changes, without worrying about underlying platform developments
  • You receive committed service levels and dedicated ongoing specialist support, appropriate to the importance of the website and web system to your business
  • A like for like cost comparison over the lifetime of your website almost always favours the “software as a service” model, as well as bringing these other benefits

So what isn’t included in your monthly fee? Some bespoke development charges.

If you have any queries about this approach, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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