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Using Twitter to build your SEO

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Getting started on Twitter can be daunting, so we’ve put together a few simple tips to ease you into the Twittersphere…

Post, if at all possible, one tweet in the morning and one late afternoon to try to appear at the top of everyone’s Twitter stream when they might be looking.

Do not tweet all the new properties you take on – to get and retain your followers, you need to engage in conversations and provide something of interest.

Re-tweet if someone mentions you and say thank you.

The more people you follow the more are likely to follow you back (Google looks at this).

Be informative, for example tell people what’s happening around your community, ask their opinions and engage in conversations.

Remember to promote your Twitter page and other social media pages: links on your email signature can help as well as links from your website.

Try to engage people by asking questions like:

  •   “Tell us about your happiest moving experience.”
  •   “Do you suffer from damp in your rental property? Tell us what you have done to combat it.”

Don’t mention the three killers – politics, football or religion as this will offend someone.

Don’t tweet negative news.

Always respond to negative comments and don’t delete them.

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