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Choosing estate agency software

There's a myriad of choice - let us guide you to the right decision

We are frequently asked by estate agents to recommend which estate agency software package they should use in their business. Of course, this is not a “one size fits all” question, and the answer depends on so many factors, which include:

  • do you do sales, lettings or both?
  • what are your specific function requirements (different systems have different areas of strength)?
  • how do you want to balance cost vs service and product quality?
  • if you do lettings, how deeply do you need the system to go into property management?
  • how many offices do you operate, and are they run as one business or all independently?
  • do you need one central system, or are you willing to use more than one system (eg one to run the office admin, another to run the property management side of your lettings business)?
  • what integration do you want with your website, both to get properties published on your website, but also to integrate all the enquiries generated through your online marketing back into the software system?
  • or do  you want to go even further and future proof your business further with a proper integration between your software and your website?
  • do you want a web based system, or an installed system in your office?
  • how important is mobile and tablet  usage to you?

We work with a wide variety of software companies, and would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you, in order to make an informed recommendation. It’s a big decision, as you are likely to use the same software provider for many years, and it will be a very important part of your daily operations, and an important part of your ability to compete effectively: please contact us so we can help you make the best decision for your business.

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