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Using video on your estate agency website

The SEO benefits of using video on your website

What’s in the video?

One trend that we have noticed across our more recent estate agent website builds, is that the use of video has moved from being rare, to being relatively normal.  Further, the way in which estate agents are now using video is shifting from being either just at “Homepage / Company Video” level and perhaps a “Moving stills montage” on property details, to properly sophisticated and widespread use of video on various levels of content in between.  We have also seen estate agents getting savvier to the SEO benefits of video, and in the best cases, really baking video into supporting their Business Processes, in very sophisticated ways.  So, given all of that we decided to make this video / presentation, to catagorise the various ways we’re seeing video exploding within the estate agency world.  We hope you enjoy it…

During the video we promised various links in the article below.  Here they are:

Our agency benchmarking survey (whether you are a client or not, 100 branches, or a single branch independent) there’s a lot to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose from joining our Homeflow Agency Benchmarking project (it’s free and takes 2 minutes to set up).

Then we promised a link to how to make a great company video for an estate agent, and, once you’ve done that, a checklist to ensure you maximise how that video gets seen.  Finally, if you want to see a slightly different presentation on the places you can hang video within an estate agent site, or just a link to our estate agency marketing advice articles in general.


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