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The Homeflow platform

Powerful technology, constantly updated.
Keep your website up-to-date with optimum SEO.

How does the Homeflow Platform deliver results?

Both our Template and Bespoke sites are built on the same powerful technological platform.

This gives you two key benefits:


1. Easy-to-update websites, with a long long shelf life

Homeflow websites are built on a platform that constantly evolves – to keep your website up-to-date.

With Homeflow, you don’t launch your website, watch as it slows down and becomes old-hat, then chuck it out and start again.

Our software development team constantly develop and improve the Homeflow technological platform, so our websites stay current and fast.

So all you need to update is your website content.

Change text or images, update your staff profiles, promote a new landlord offer, or add a new blog post – making changes is intuitive and fast. But if you get stuck for any reason, our Support team are here.


2. Better SEO = Higher Google rankings = More website traffic

The Homeflow Platform is optimised for SEO results. If your website ranks highly, you’ll get a constant stream of website traffic for absolutely nothing.

You rank higher in Google because Homeflow sites:

  • Superior on-site SEO
  • The fastest agency sites on the market. Speed is a key factor in the SEO ranking algorithm and Homeflow sites outrun other agency websites.
  • Helpful off-site SEO advice and support.

Find out the difference between on-site SEO and off-site SEO.


Find out more

Our Resources section is here to help you understand more about building an effective Estate Agency website. Our Sitemap video series is a great place to start.

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