Beresfords visit the Site Doctor

What’s in the video?

Beresford’s site is modern, striking, fresh, simple and bold.  In sum: there’s a lot to like.  So in this video our resident site doctor digs deeper – to highlight a few ideas and some structural fixes, which would take it from great, to properly world class.  We hope you enjoy it:

Summary Prescription:

The site has a really fun, playful approach to bringing more property information up into the search results pathway.  Ostensibly this makes the site more usable, by reducing the amount of clicking around that the user has to do.  It’s nearly brilliant, but in the way it is built, it’s just a bit too complex and confusing for people to understand.  And it is preventing users from getting down to the base property detail pages (which are forwardable, and have the breathing space to layout surrounding information).  This also has a nasty impact on SEO performance.  It should be relatively easy to fix with a bit of judicious pruning, and some user testing to make the steps clearer.  That way you can keep the all the spirit and fun of the idea, getting the fun usability benefit of the convention breaking approach, without suffering the downside effects.

We also think it might be a contributory factor to the speed and performance issues the site suffers from.  Speed and performance of the site are causing issues for user session and engagement, and we would recommend they need addressing urgently.

The final bit of good news, is that there are also significant SEO improvement opportunities – in a few places throughout the site.  There are opportunities for clean URLs, better page titling, meta tags, and “one more click” opportunities throughout.

Aside from that, the video is packed with the usual basket of 50 or 60 detailed ideas to improve user flows, and conversion rate.  If you implemented the whole lot, we can easily see the site generating as much as 30% higher conversion rate to valuation enquiries.

We hope it helps.


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