Cobden and Hayson Visit the Site Doctor

What’s in the video?

Cobden and Hayson’s site is modern, fresh and bold.  The agency is progressive, social media, personal touches, and video abound.  So, in sum: there’s a lot to like.  However in this video our resident site doc digs deeper – he highlight a few ideas and some structural fixes, which would take it from solid, to really world class.  We hope you enjoy it:

Summary Prescription:

The site has a nice clean look, and handles photography, video, content and social media well, so we don’t focus on these points.  Instead we look at the site through the lens of a potential vendor, and for them, there isn’t much easily accessible on the homepage.

Beyond that, on a wider level, the site really could do with being made fully responsive.  These days a separate mobi. site isn’t adequate, and will be hampering SEO.

We also think that site speed and performance issues are holding back the business (and SEO) too.  We would recommend they need addressing urgently.

The final bit of good news, is that there are also significant SEO improvement opportunities – throughout the site.  There are opportunities for clean URLs, better page titling, meta tags, and more.  The business is obviously strong, and performs (in what we suspect is your core patch) pretty well.  But that’s not to say it couldn’t be totally dominating the SEO results if you remove the impediments in the website’s structure.  Indeed if you performance is being held up by what Google can determine of your real world business / brand strength, then there is every reason to hope that you might even be able to enter into the big game, the hunt for Google traffic on mainstream property searches, as well as branch / office searches.

Aside from that, the video is packed with the usual basket of 20 or 30 more detailed ideas to improve user flows, and conversion rate.  If you implemented the whole lot, we could easily see the site generating perhaps 20-40% higher conversion rate to valuation enquiries.

We hope it helps.


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