Beautiful websites

Impress. Win more instructions.

beautiful-designFirst impressions count for today’s estate agents if you want to win new instructions: many first impressions are experienced online, which means creating the right look and feel for your website. Potential instructions will always check out your website, so you must make sure they like what they find.

The design of your website reflects your brand and is an immediate indicator of the quality you offer. Modern web designs are often simpler and bolder, with a cleaner look that makes use of photography, fonts, typography and white space, and the best designs are usually developed within creative design organisations.

Great design, however, isn’t the be all and end all. Like with a top negotiator or branch manager, the impression is important but it needs to be backed up by intelligent handling of the individual – whether a potential vendor, landlord or househunter. A well designed website must be supported by a leading edge technology platform with powerful functionality, to capitalise on all the good work of the first impression. That’s when you secure a real competitive edge!

The good news is that you no longer have to compromise: you can have it all, sexy design and technical know-how. We can turn your website into your flagship branch, helping you to win more instructions and sell or let more properties.