Homeflow websites: very powerful functionality

powerfulAs well as having a beautiful, professional design to create impact with vendors and applicants, your site needs power behind the scenes.  There are large commercial benefits for your business in having a powerful website: a website that responds fast, on clean URLs, with good usability, and powerful functionality, results in better SEO, more enquiries and more instructions.

For a full list of functionality and an overview of the website’s capabilities for your business, please contact a member of our team. They will talk you through the many benefits for you, which include but are not limited to the list below.

You may also want to read some of the thinking and features explained in our Resources library which covers many of these topics in more detail.

Complete design flexibility

Strong SEO performance

Powerful search

  • Polygon and radius search
  • Draw a Map” search
  • Implied / remember last search
  • Autosuggest search locations
  • Town/County/Postcode search

Comprehensive results

  • Varied views, including map, list or gallery views
  • Advanced views, including combined list and map, “draw a map”
  • Advanced selection of property type
  • Sort by recency
  • Semantic tagging

Augmented property data

  • Streetview
  • Bird’s eye view
  • Ultra high res images
  • Associated staff

Powerful user accounts

  • In page application
  • Saved properties and searches
  • Implied search
  • Recent history
  • Accountless save (HTML5 store / cookies)
  • Forgotten password / double blind verification
  • Email alerts

Lead management

  • Lead reports and logging
  • Portal lead ingestion
  • Call recording
  • Management of leads from other sources
  • 360 degree analytics

And lots, lots more.

And, above all, you benefit from our constant process of development and innovation.