Understand how people use mobile

How and why they REALLY approach you when on their phone

responsiveYou’ve probably now understood that mobile usage is far bigger and enjoying faster growth than most people realise. You may well also understand the main “use cases”, or how visitors actually approach your agency on their phone:

(1)   Email is the biggest entry point

With over half of all emails now being processed on a mobile, a big proportion of your property email alerts will be received on the move, and applicants will want to “have a quick look” at that new property on their phone.  Having a website where all pages look great on a phone as well as on a desktop is therefore vital.  Some estate agent websites still fail at this hurdle, meaning they potentially damage the agent by failing to give a positive and welcoming first impression.

(2)   Next comes contact information

When a user is on a phone, they’re often trying to find your number as they’re late for an appointment.  They left your business card at home, so they hit Google on their phone to find your number.  Or they see a sale board, and they can’t be bothered with searching on their phone, and just want to talk to someone.  You want an easy, fast site, with no clutter and with clear contact information.

(3)   Finally comes active search on mobile

Perhaps the user (or hopefully their partner!) drives past a new property, and wants to check the price, or have a quick look at the interior photos.  Maybe, they have some time to kill on the bus and they want to flip through a few properties.  The key is to take advantage of the location awareness capability of smart phones and make the search forms easy to use for thumbs!

So, what next?

You may want to jump straight to examples of our responsive website designs or you may wish to read about some other online marketing topics, in our resources library.

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