User Testing (5): Why Sell With This Agent?

What’s in the video?

We recently conducted a series of user testing sessions on a series of 14 mostly larger, mostly central London estate agent sites. We did this with 10 real buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants (all changing hands on property within the last 3 months).

Chestertons: 1:00
Strutt & Parker: 8:12
KFH: 12:15
Churchods: 18:09


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(1)  Sub Title

(2)  Google is starting to Connect too

Regular Homeflow readers, will be familiar with the fact we’ve written a lot about SEO in the past!  And you’ll know how your performance in Google search results is second only to your Rightmove advertising in its significance to your business, and arguably the most important thing you can do online to win new instructions.  In this presentation we cover a really nice overview of how Google is changing at a fundamental level.  Google is now beginning to connect up with your social media activity, your reviews, and increasingly, we believe it is connecting with systems like Google Chrome and Analytics to get a real insight into how your customers are enjoying your website as a measure of how to rank your site.  This becomes very important to understand for the future of your agency.

(3)  Your software and your website want to hold hands

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