Helping you identify opportunities online

We are often asked by estate agents and other businesses in the UK property market to help them review their marketing or online activity. We have completed various projects, including:

The most common requests we get are:

However, we have also worked on other projects for clients including:

  • conducting a review of a client’s online technology, including websites, mobile sites or apps, social media and CRM systems
  • helping work with estate agent’s call centre operations
  • analysing a client’s overall internet strategy and how it compared with competitors and the general market
  • reviewing a client’s overall marketing activities, in order to identify areas they could improve and to maximise, in particular, the impact of their online marketing spend.

With our extensive experience in property, technology and online marketing, we can help you think through these sorts of challenges as you face them in your business.

If you’d like to discuss how this would work, and the benefits for you and your business, please call us now, or contact us here