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What services do you offer?

We design, create, host and maintain your website, and provide you with full and ongoing support all as part of the service. You will have access to all the enhancements we make to the website platform without having to pay extra. As well as a high performing website for users, there is a very flexible admin for you, where you can edit the website and view all the enquiries that are generated.

Will I be able to make changes to my website?

There is a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS), which you can log into at any time to make changes. You can edit, add or remove pages, write articles, change settings and even make changes to how the site looks. Of course, our support team are always available to help you understand how you can make those changes, and how best to use the CMS.

Where is the data stored?

Our system along with all data storage and back-up is all based in the cloud.

What is the platform built in?

Our platform is built in Ruby on Rails, using mySQL database.

How customisable are the template designs?

The existing template designs are very flexible, and can be made to reflect your brand very well. Once you have configured the design with your logo, colours, pictures, content, staff and properties, it becomes a very smart representation of your brand.

How long will it take for my website to be built?

This would depend on the size and complexity of the site you require. Typically, a site that uses one of our existing design themes will take just a few weeks as we can launch a site fairly quickly, and are often only held up when waiting for content. A site that requires a bespoke design can be a little more complex and will take longer, depending on your requirements.

Do you provide web hosting and domain name registration?

Our service includes full hosting at our tier 1 hosting facility. We do not offer domain name registration, but we can help you in that process if you need to register a domain.

Will it be compatible with my agency software?

We work with many different agency software providers, and receive data feeds smoothly so that we can publish your properties on your website. Almost all software suppliers provide us with property data in exactly the same format, which means we can always accept the data feeds.

What do you need from us before you start?

To create your website, we will need you to provide content that you want published on the site. Often we can take content from an existing website, but you will need to put aside some time to provide any additional content that you require, and to check the site as we create it to ensure it is exactly what you want.

What will it cost?

Our template designs start from £150. There are normally two components to our charges: a fee to launch the site, and a monthly fee (this will vary depending on the size of your agency) that covers the licence of the technology that powers the website, full hosting, ongoing support, maintenance, and access to all website platform enhancements as we develop them.

Will there be an up-front fee?

Some of our existing designs are offered without any up-front fee at all. If you want a bespoke design, there will be a charge to design and build the site, and we will need to discuss your requirements or order to give you an accurate quotation.

Will the monthly cost cover web hosting?

Our monthly packages cover website hosting.

What is the contract length?

Our agreements are usually for two years for a template design, and three years for a bespoke build (but most of our clients choose to stay with us well beyond the initial period.)