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To infinity and beyond!

The benefits of infinite scroll on your website

To Infinity and Beyond!

What’s in the video?

When a user runs a search and you have a lot of properties that match.  Say 23 results, pagination is a bit of a user blocker.  People might miss you pagination controls and they just clutter up your page.  In this video we explore an alternative, cleaner, presentation.  And if you are a one branch agency, with less than say 40 properties on market at any one time, then this might be ALL you need.  You might not need search at all!  Enjoy…

What next?…

If you like this idea, you might like our “Coppi” theme, or “Simpson” themes, or a few others, all can be fitted with infinite scroll if you want it.  You may also enjoy watching this video about the ideal estate agency site structure.

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