Benchmarking Social media activity – Coventry

Coventry Agents are more social than their Warrington peers, but not as friendly as Exeter!

If you are reading this article before having read our Introduction to Social Media Benchmarking, we would strongly encourage you to pop over and read that first.  It explains all the logic for what these charts measure, and how to interpret where you stack up on them.

If however you are an agent in Coventry – these are the charts for you.

The good news is Coventry is less social than Exeter, but more social than Warrington.  So there are examples of where you can take your social media strategy to follow.  For example, in Exeter 1400 Facebook Likes / Branch is the peak (vs 850 here), and the average active agent will now have reached 200 Likes/Branch vs only 100 in Coventry.  This is all opportunity for agents in Coventry – as you can steal the march, and win more instructions as a result.

All of these stats and charts are taken in January 2014 – so if you are reading this out there in the future, please be aware the bar moves up by about 10% engagement, and 30% in activity terms every 6 months or so.

Coventry FacebookSlide27 Slide33