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Generate more leads with our market-leading instant valuation tool.

Instant property valuation

We’re convinced that Homeflow Valuation is the most accurate Instant Valuation Tool on the market – and the most effective for generating estate agent leads.

Homeflow Valuation process


Take a detailed look at our step-by-step guide to how Homeflow Valuation works.

Why Homeflow Valuation works

You work hard to send potential customers to your website – through SEO, emails, pay-per-click advertising, leaflets and promotions.

Your number one priority is to find out who these website visitors are – to get their email address and phone number.

Homeflow Valuation is a proven way of encouraging vendors and landlords to offer their contact details, in exchange for information that is valuable to them.

Homeflow Valuation: Accurate and Effective

All instant valuation tools are website plug-ins, giving customers an instant property valuation in exchange for their contact details.

So which should you choose? We think Homeflow Valuation has an advantage for two reasons.

1)      The accurancy of the valuation

  • You don’t want a tool that gives customers false expectations by valuing properties too high, or too low.
  • Homeflow Valuation is more accurate than other Instant Valuation Tools, as it has a vital extra step.
  • We ask customers to choose properties that are most like their own from a selection of properties that are currently on the market. See how this works.
  • The data we receive is used to improve our algorithm – meaning that over time, your customers get increasingly accurate instant valuations.

2)      The number of  valuation leads

  • We looked at the leads generated by Homeflow Valuation for a 3 month period.
  • During this period, some of our clients generated up to 22 times the volume of vendor and landlord leads vs. the previous quarter.
  • The smallest increase was 1.5 times – and this was for a client who already had a superbly converting website.
  • On average, Homeflow Valuation generated 28 valuation leads per branch.

The secret behind Homeflow Valuation’s accuracy

Homeflow Valuation is built on a “Automated Valuation Model” (AVM) which is statistically more accurate at producing valuations in aggregate.

What does this mean?

In a nutshell, our valuation tool outperforms others when valuing unique properties, or properties in rural or lower-density areas.

Find out how this works and why it improves customer confidence.


We can help you to install Homeflow Valuation onto your website, whether it is built by Homeflow or not.
Homeflow Valuation – Instant Valuations for any website

Find out how to integrate Homeflow Valuation.


Homeflow Valuation reflects your brand

Homeflow Valuation shares the same style sheets as your main website – so if you decide to change fonts, colours, button styling or form styling,  Homeflow Valuation will automatically stay 100% on brand.


Homeflow Valuation + marketing = more valuation requests

 Homeflow Valuation makes all of your marketing work harder – by capturing and converting leads.


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