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People Exchange

The next level of website-software integration.
Give your agency a competitive advantage.

Integrate your systems to deliver better customer service.

Does your website integrate fully with your back office software (e.g. Reapit, Vebra, Jupix)?

For most UK estate agencies:

  • Your software system passes your property data up to your website in real time
  • You may also push your website leads into your back office system where you need them

Our new People Exchange service takes integration way beyond this, to an entirely new level – giving your business a huge competitive advantage.


Why is additional website-software integration so important?

As estate agency websites become increasingly sophisticated, they accumulate huge amounts of valuable intelligence: names, emails, vendor leads, viewing requests, search profiles, requests for email alerts.


You have valuable intelligence locked up in your website.

Homeflow People Exchange synchronises this data with your back office software, so that you can make it available to your staff.

This means they can be fully informed when speaking to customers in branch, or on the phone – to provide market-leading customer service.


Let’s take a couple of examples:



Mary is looking to buy a property. She’s spent time on your website, looking at 23 Acacia Drive many times, and several other properties, including 42 New Road, which she has bookmarked.

When Mary walks into your branch, do you know this?

At the moment, your back end software can’t connect that the Mary who looked at your website is the same Mary that is speaking to your team.


David and Michelle

David and Michelle call into your branch and sit down with your negotiator. You discuss properties that may be appropriate for them.

In an ideal world, you’d create a website account for them directly in your software system, adding these two properties automatically. Then have the system automatically generate a branded email, thanking them for their visit and inviting them to visit their website search profile.


Create a joined up marketing system

This is basic customer service in many industries, including the insurance industry, the airline sector, and banking. You wouldn’t dream of calling British Airways to talk about your flight booking next weekend, and not have them aware of your passenger names, and current seat allocation. And you wouldn’t call your bank, and not expect them to know about the online transfer you made yesterday on your phone.

By knowing every vendor, applicant, landlord and tenant, as a unique individual, from every point at which you connect with them; you can deliver market-leading customer service.


Making integration available to every agency

Only a small handful of the larger corporate agencies are achieving this at the moment.

It’s our objective to bring the same advantage to all agencies, regardless of size.


Read more on why you need deeper website and software integration.

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