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We offer a flexible pricing structure, designed to accommodate the needs of all UK estate agencies, regardless of size.

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With Homeflow's Live Chat you can ensure your customers receive human contact and convert to real leads

Homeflow Live Chat helps you to convert website visitors into valuable leads and enquiries.

Lead Manager

Auto-reply to your leads, collect customer details and prioritise your leads

Lead Manager auto-replies to your leads, collects information from your customers, prioritises your leads based on responses, tracks your teams performance and more.
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Instant property valuation

Homeflow Valuations only

Give your customers accurate online valuations, get more leads.

You can access the lead-generation power of Homeflow Valuations from just £50/month, depending on the size of your agency. Discounts are available for multi-branch agencies. If you have a Homeflow website, there are no set up fees, just a minimum 3 month commitment. You're still welcome to access the benefits of Homeflow Valuaton if you don't have one of our websites, with a one off set up fee of £195. Your monthly fee is fixed, regardless of the number of leads generated - we want to help you win as many instructions as possible. Just get in touch using the form below and we'll be happy to discuss how you can boost your valuation enquiries.

Homeflow Valuations + supporting pay-per-click campaign

The perfect partnership. Use PPC to send traffic to your instant valuations tool.

Super-charge the performance of our instant online valuations tool with an accompanying pay-per-click campaign. Target customers who are using Google to search on terms such as 'Value my property' and take them straight to your Homeflow Valuations page, boosting your website lead generation. A combined Valuations and PPC campaign starts from just £200/month, depending on the size of your agency. Just fill in the form below to find out more.


Find out how you measure up against the competition, free of charge.

Homeflow Benchmarking is an entirely free service. Whether you have a Homeflow website or not, you are welcome to access the benefits of our Benchmarking programme with absolutely no fees. To join, fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.


Take online bookings for valuations and viewings.

Let your customers reserve appointments through your website, day or night, and finalise details when you're back at your desk. The Homeflow Calendar provides service to rival the online agents, from just £50/month. Discounts are available for multi-branch agencies. Our Calendar service is only available if you have a Homeflow website, but many of our other services, including Boomerang, Benchmarking and Valuation are available to all agencies. If you'd like to know more about Homeflow Calendar, just complete the form below.

Google Advertising for Estate Agents (PPC)

Get to the top of the Google rankings for more valuation enquiries.

Google AdWords Search

We're experts in PPC for Estate Agents

Our AdWords Search campaigns get you to the top of the Google results, with prices starting from just £200 per month for our basic package. We're a Certified Google Partner and experts in pay-per-click for property. Our campaigns achieve market-beating click-through-rates, with conversion tracking showing you your return on investment. Just fill in the form below to find out how an AdWords campaign can increase your valuation enquiries.

Google AdWords Display

Tempt customers back to your website with a Display campaign

A Display Remarketing campaign goes hand in hand with AdWords Search to get you the best results. When browsing the internet, customers who have previously visited high-value pages on your website (e.g. the 'Value my property' page) will be shown ads, encouraging them to return to your site. As a Certified Google Partner, our Display campaigns are efficient, getting you maximum traffic at the lowest cost-per-click.

Facebook Ads

Maximise your presence on Facebook, with high-converting Facebook ads

Facebook ads give you an opportunity to connect with a highly-targeted audience, driving qualified, high-value traffic to your website. We're specialists in Facebook ads for Estate Agents, so get in touch for a campaign that will drive results.

Need advice?

We're happy to talk through the options.

We offer a free PPC advice service. Already running a paid advertising campaign? We'll take a look and let you know if you're getting value for money. If you're yet to dip a toe into the world of paid ads, get in touch and we'll explain your options.


Cutting-edge design and functionality. More vendor and landlord instructions.

Template website

Choose from a selection of high-converting website templates

Our sites offer the highest quality solution on the market. Given a good website can generate 2-3 times more valuation enquiries than a bad one, Homeflow websites give the best possible return on investment. To give you an idea of cost, a one branch agency would typically pay £169 per month for one of our Template websites. If you are a larger agency chain with more than 10 branches, we'd offer a multi-branch discount. Set up fees depend upon your choice of theme, with many templates built free-of-charge. Just fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Bespoke website

Get a website tailor made to your agency

Our Bespoke websites are chosen by over 20 large agency groups with more than 15 branches, but also by smaller agencies who want to stand out from the crowd. We often build custom sites for multi-disciplined agencies, with specialisations such as Auctions or Overseas property. We always aim to give you the most cost-effective solution and will work with you to build a website to grow the value of your business now and in the future. For a free, no-obligation discussion, just fill in the form below.

People Exchange

Integrate your systems to deliver better customer service.

The Homeflow People Exchange is a route to great customer service, through integrating the intelligence in your website and software. It's only available to our website customers, currently those using Reapit software, although other software providers will be integrated soon. Interested? Just fill in the form below and we'll be in touch to discuss.

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