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How does your agency website perform?
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Find out how you measure up against the competition, free of charge.

Join the hundreds of agents already using Homeflow Benchmarking to rate their online performance.

What is Homeflow Benchmarking?

In a nutshell, Homeflow Benchmarking shows you whether your online performance is better, or worse, than other agencies of a similar size.

We look at:

  • Reach – the number of users and sessions
  • Engagement – pages per session, session duration
  • Performance – bounce rate, site speed

So you can answer questions such as:

  • Is my site attracting as many new users as other agencies?
  • Are vendors spending more time on other agency websites?
  • Is my site running as quickly as it needs to?

Time after time, we were asked the same questions about website performance, but due to client confidentiality – which we take extremely seriously – we were unable to share our insider knowledge. We’re lucky to work with a large percentage of the UK’s estate agencies. 

It’s always been important to us that we don’t simply ‘build websites’. We want to add value to your business, so you can become as successful as possible.

So we decided to set up a free Benchmarking tool. 

How does Homeflow Benchmarking work?

  1. We ask you to share your Google Analytics data with us. We’ll cover data confidentiality in a moment. 
  2. We combine your data with that of other UK Estate Agencies. We benchmark a cool half-a-billion pages annually – and this figure is increasing month on month.
  3. You receive log in details to your reports. These show your online performance relative to other estate agencies of a similar size, and to the market as a whole.
  4. We can also arrange to talk through your results with you, to share insights, and to suggest specific actions that you may wish to consider.

How do I know my data is held confidentially?

Our commitment to you:

  • Your data will never be shared in any way beyond the core team of Homeflow online marketing analysts.
  • All data is aggregated according to agency size. For example, if you have 15 branches, your data will be combined with that of agencies with 10-20 branches. 
  • No other agency will be able to identify or see your specific performance.

In return, we ask you to commit:

  • Not to share copies of your report.
  • Not to publish any of the findings within it (even if anonymised or averaged), with anyone beyond your agency.

This helps us ensure that the only way an agent can access Homeflow Benchmarking is by being a participant themselves, which improves it for everyone.

Do I really need Homeflow Benchmarking?

You probably already analyse the performance of your website over time. But do you know where your results are relatively weak, or strong?

The agencies that already use Homeflow Benchmarking tell us that it helps them to put their data into context, choose where to invest their time and energy and make the right business decisions.

Here’s the Managing Director of Northfields, Richard Palfreeman, on the benefits they have experienced as an agency.

Can’t I get benchmarking data in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics does have some fairly limited benchmarking data. However, their ‘Real Estate’ category includes businesses that may not be relevant to you, such as property development, timeshare, and vacation rental companies.

What is the cost of Homeflow Benchmarking?

Homeflow Benchmarking is completely free of charge.

Do you have to be a Homeflow customer?

Absolutely not. If you find Homeflow Benchmarking useful, perhaps you’ll consider working with us in the future! Of course, there’s no obligation.

Ok, I’m in.  What next?

Great! Joining takes less than 10 minutes. Just contact us below, and we can help you set it up. (And if you like you can get a headstart by following the Benchmarking instructions, though you still need to contact us when you have done that, so we can find you).

Any questions, please contact us below to get started!

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