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Connect your Agency

How the web is joining up, and why you need to put your own website right in the centre

What’s in the video?

In this video from the Move with Us “Connect” seminar, Homeflow’s joint MD, Jeremy, talks about the topic of how the web is starting to connect, database to database, and the real world implications this has (in nice simple terms) for estate agents’ own websites.

The presentation opens with an explanation of how systems like Rightmove, Google, Linkedin, Facebook, your back office agency software, and the front of your customer website are starting to connect in ever more intelligent, cogniscent ways.  We’ve talked before about how your website is not an island, however this presentation takes us a step further into the future, where the databases are starting to interact, not just the web pages linking together…


Examples of Connection:

The presentation goes on to look at 4 concrete stories of what this connection means in practice for the future of your agency.

(1)  People buy from People

First up we look at how your staff, are starting to connect, on your website, across to portals, with your customers, and of course into social media, as people are social, not websites.

(2)  Google is starting to Connect too

Regular Homeflow readers, will be familiar with the fact we’ve written a lot about SEO in the past!  And you’ll know how your performance in Google search results is second only to your Rightmove advertising in its significance to your business, and arguably the most important thing you can do online to win new instructions.  In this presentation we cover a really nice overview of how Google is changing at a fundamental level.  Google is now beginning to connect up with your social media activity, your reviews, and increasingly, we believe it is connecting with systems like Google Chrome and Analytics to get a real insight into how your customers are enjoying your website as a measure of how to rank your site.  This becomes very important to understand for the future of your agency.

(3)  Your software and your website want to hold hands

In the third segment we look at what the future holds for the interaction between your estate agency software and your front of house website.  Companies that specialise in software and websites are different, so if you want the best performance for your business, you’re going to wind up with two systems.  But as the web joins up, you can rely on the fact that these systems are going to reconnect in much more sophisticated ways.  That’s as sure as gravity, or the tide coming in.

(4)  Boomerang – connects your own brand and site to the Portal lead flow

Finally, as all of these systems connect, your staff, the portals, your website, and your software, we’re starting to see interesting new products emerge.  For the really sophisticated, we present Boomerang.  It’s a beautifully simple email response product, that gets back to your portal enquiries immediately, at any time, and increases the direct traffic into your own website.

What next?

If you enjoy this video, you may enjoy more of the materials and guides in our resources library.

And if you are interested in chatting to us about these, and many other similar ideas for your website, please do get in touch, we’re eager to chat to you.  Just talking about your online marketing is valuable and free.

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