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The Negotiator Conference 2015 Benchmarking Charts

How estate agencies measured up at the 2015 Negotiator Conference.

At The Negotiator Conference 2015, we ran an analysis of every delegate’s website on a series of metrics.  We gave out scorecards which assessed things like:

  • “Design first impressions” of your site (as judged by 3 consumers giving their scores out of 10 for the homepage design quality)
  • Your Pagespeed (having a site that runs fast is vital, and we take the stats as measured by Google pagespeed)
  • Clean URLs (having well structured, human readable URLs is a slightly technical topic, we realise, but if you want to perform at the top of the search results, to win more instructions, then you’ll need to get this sorted out)
  • Responsive design (having a responsive site, optimised for mobile is no longer a luxury (video), it impacts your SEO)
  • How well indexed your website is (measured by how many pages Google managed to find)

For those of you who were unable to make the session, or those of  you that emailed us since the event asking for the presentation, we have extracted just the charts and put them up here.  If you don’t have your scores, give us a call and we can look them up for you on the phone.  Clearly without the commentary, they might be hard to interpret, but if they are of interest, we are always happy to chat you through your performance on the phone, or even to come and visit you to talk about your online marketing more generally.

Benchmarking slide 2Benchmarking design scores


Homeflow Benchmarking speed variation

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