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Estate Agency call centres

Bing, Bong! Avon Calling

What’s in the video?

More and more Estate Agents are starting to use call centres.  What used to be the sole arena of 50 branch plus super-groups is now quickly spreading down to agents with as few as 5 branches, and some even smaller.  Homeflow joint MD, Jeremy Tapp, looks at why this is the case and the benefits call centre operations can bring.

The video explores the four steps in the evolution of call centres, from retrawling old customer lists, through overspill and out of hours, on to a first line shield to parse your portal enquiries more effciently, all the way through to the “Full Metal Jacket” approach of highly sophisticated call centre operations like Foxtons.

If you enjoyed this video, you are also likely to enjoy our talk on Connecting your Agency, which is a higher level, strategic look at the way the web is changing for estate agencies in the medium term.  And you may also be interested in our higher end consultancy services or some of the more technical articles in our general resources library.

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