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Online Marketeers: who needs ‘em?

When should an estate agency hire a dedicated Marketing Manager?

We believe your website acts as the foundation underpinning your entire marketing strategy, connecting your brand with the wider ecosystem of Google, Social Media, Email systems and so forth, and acting as an always-on-brochure to support your offline marketing too.

However, to get the best out of your online marketing requires a string of activities to be performed on an ongoing basis with drive and care.  And that requires people’s time and attention:  marketing resource.  We think the case for hiring an online marketing manager is strong, and we believe this should be done as early as can be afforded, and probably earlier than most people’s instinct would suggest.  Human resource is an investment you need to make in balance with other marketing spending, of course, but we believe it’s an investment that yields disproportionate return.  After all, there’s little point in buying a car, then not putting any petrol in!

We recently recommended hiring an online marketing person to one of our clients, who we thought were at the kind of scale (about five offices) where their business could easily warrant a full time hire.  If that hire could increase their SEO, improve their direct e-marketing activity and transform their conversions from their online activities, even just to the point it brings in 10% more instruction lead flow, then it would pay for itself many times over.  They asked: “Why do I need this person?  It feels like it might be right, but we want to be sure, and to understand more about what this person would do, and why.”

It’s a question we’re frequently asked, as many agencies are focusing on the ever-increasing importance of their online activities in generating new valuation leads; it’s also something that we consult on lots, with our larger clients. So, we thought we’d take a moment to explore our thoughts here in the resources library.

  • We’ll examine what activities your online marketer(s) need to cover.  They include a string of tasks, from website focused jobs, via content writing, a little bit of Google love, through social media, and email marketing.  And they encompass responsibilities in planning and strategy, analysing the efficacy of the marketing work and spend, plus engaging the organisation.
  • We’ll also step through some of the ways we see our agency clients, big and small, organising their marketing resource to cover those needs, ranging from borrowing a few hours of an existing employee’s time, right through to full on teams with 5-10 marketeers in action together.

We hope this helps, though as always please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss any of this with our team.

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