Get buyers and renters to visit your website directly.

Our portal auto-responder delivers professional, branded responses 24/7.

We all know that most buyers and renters head for one of the portals first.

But how can you get these customers to visit your website directly – especially if they have a property to sell or let?

There’s a simple, but hugely effective tool, that can help you: the Homeflow Boomerang.

You can use the Boomerang whether or not you have one of our websites.


How does the Boomerang work?

Prompt and polished automated responses to all major portals (Zoopla, Rightmove and OnTheMarket) – driving users directly to your own website.

Step 1:
Portal enquiry

As happens every day of the week, at all times of day or night, a house-hunter finds one of your properties on a portal and sends you an enquiry, which you receive from the portal via email.

Homeflow Boomerang Portal Enquiry


Step 2:
Automatic response, any time of day or night

Homeflow Boomerang fires an email directly to the applicant, fully branded by you and personalised to the applicant. It shows:

  • staff profiles, giving a human face to your agency
  • details of the office that’s marketing that property
  • similar properties, to generate further interest
  • all linked to drive traffic into YOUR website

Homeflow Boomerang Auto-Responder

 Step 3:
Drive the user to YOUR website

As well as giving a prompt and polished response, and follow-up by the applicant will be directly on your website – giving you the chance to build a deeper relationship and win more valuations.

Homeflow Boomerang for Estate Agents


Why does Homeflow Boomerang work?

Boomerang creates a great brand impression:

  • Vendors have first-hand experience of how you will treat their buyers.
  • Your agency is seen as on the ball, responding day and night.
  • Your agency is given a personal face, in the de-personalised world of the portals
  • The Boomerang works on the multi-send leads that go to many agencies at once. You may be the only agency to respond quickly and courteously.

Find out more about how the Boomerang drives high value traffic to your site, measurably improving your SEO results.

Or learn about the technical steps to integrate Boomerang with your website.


Want to know more about Homeflow Boomerang?

You can get up and running with the Boomerang in a couple of days.

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