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One of the questions we get more and more frequently these days is “can you build me an online agency website?”

The answer is yes, absolutely.  However, it’s not a simple case of here’s what it costs… as it will totally depend on what you want to build.  So, in order to work out how much cost it would add to either your existing or your new website build, we need to get a clear specification from you of which aspects you want.

The key question is:< How far would you like to go?

There is a very wide variation in what people mean when they talk about “being an online agent”, varying from:

  • a standard estate agency website (just with wording on articles and a business model that is fixed fee rather than % contingent), through to…
  • a full on software system with, service pricing tables, market appraisal booking calendars (with all the variations in levels of capability as the applicant calendars – see below), online payment, upselling product options, integrated customer journeys for managing their own property uploads themselves, preparation of all the marketing collateral, ordering EPCs, floorplans, signing that off, feeds to portals, inbound lead mgmt, viewing appointment booking into blind calendars, intelligent calendars with viewing availability slots, even calendars which allow editing and email notification both ways between vendors and applicants with call centre agents in the middle, gathering feedback from viewings, email systems to encourage and distribute that feedback, making offers online, offer acceptances, fall throughs to relisting, conveyancing progression systems, etc.

So, the first step we need to establish is to get a clear specification from you of which elements you want?
If it’s the first of these options, sure no problem – you can pick any of our Homeflow templates to build your site.
If it’s the latter, we can do a lot to help you – take a look at Homeflow Calendar.
If you have an existing detailed specification which you can send us, we can quote you against that, simples.

  • If you want to list out the bullet points of which capabilities you want, we can move into a ballpark discussion with you of those areas.
  • Or if you want us to help you develop out your specification, (which you can then take out to tender too) we can do that.  We have a consulting service that does exactly this.

We hope that helps.  We look forward to helping you shape, plan and achieve your online agency ambitions.

Please do, get in touch.

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