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Introduction to LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn critical to the success of your estate agency?

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LinkedIn has been growing faster than any other social media platform in recent times, so it is becoming more and more important that you set up your LinkedIn profile appropriately.

LinkedIn operates in a similar way to Facebook in that you have to set up a ‘personal’ account, and then through your personal account you can set up a business page for your agency.

It sometimes helps to think of LinkedIn as an online business directory, and an introductory service. At root, it is a massive network of professional people, who use the site to connect with other professional people, or companies, and to do research on companies and their associated staff. Once you have your personal page sorted, you can set about building your business page: LinkedIn helps you all along the way by giving you suggestions to improve both your personal page and business page. Have a look at how other companies do it well. A very good example is how it’s done by Savills.

LinkedIn allows you to follow companies and connect with people. Given the professional audience, it’s very useful to establish or consolidate professional connections – for example it’s often used as a research tool by people thinking about joining a new agency. So, remember who the likely audience is, and why you have a LinkedIn account, when adding to your profile.

Once you have a LinkedIn company page, keep it updated with your latest news or interesting items about the company, and be sure to use it to advertise vacancies that come up in the agency. It’s also good practice for all your staff members to link to the company page from their own personal LinkedIn profiles, as this provides more relevant information on the company page itself.

If you want further advice on how to make the most of this network, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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