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Boost your SEO by increasing the time that customers spent on your website

So, you’ve built yourself a really nicely structured website.

Next you’re going to want to look for as many ways as you can create longer journeys within your website.  More “page impressions per visit”, or longer “average session time” are both signals of quality – so they’re going to help your SEO materially.  There are simply dozens of ways you can structure your site to encourage this.  We explore of few of these ideas in this article, however you may also want to watch this video explaining one-more-click too.

For example, you can create staff profile pages, and ensure you show staff profile pictures against individual property pages.  You’d be amazed how many people will then click on the staff profile just to have a look.  On those staff pages you can link upwards to the branch pages, or sideways to colleagues in their team.  There are a number of human reasons why this improves the performance of your site too: it personalises your agency, which is good as people buy from people after all; and the staff profiles increase the conversion rate to registration or enquiry on property detail pages too would you believe.  But it also encourages just “one more click” out of visitors.  On top of all that there is a (small) uplift as some people actually search for staff by name, even where not necessarily searching for them in a work context, so this all adds to your visitor sessions, and general brand awareness in your local market.



You can also encourage one more click on property detail pages.  If you build the concept of an “implied search” around any individual property, you can not only render similar properties (many sites do this), but you can also work nice clear “next” and “previous” property buttons into your page design.  These buttons decrease the single page bounce rate for your site.  I email a link on your site for an interesting property to my wife, and she looks at it, but then she clicks “next” as the page loaded quickly, and the design of the web page makes that tempting.  Voila: another page impression.

Hopefully, you’ll have dedicated branch pages within your site.  Obviously you’ll want to optimise these pages, with clean human readable URLs, links to properties from that branch, links to the staff from within the team, and links to local area guides (the most logical place to hang them, to encourage just one more click).

So, what next?

If you are interested in other SEO best practices for estate agent websites, you might want to read our introduction to search engines, or read more about the Basics of SEO.  If you’ve done that, you might want to understand why Homeflow sites are a better foundation for your SEO.

You’ll also find lots more in our resources library in general.

And if you’d like us to have a look at your existing website and give you a critique with some free ideas (obviously we hope that will lead to a conversation about a complete rebuild at some point, but we’re happy to dish out simple and effective improvement tips for your existing site as a starter to a relationship), then please, don’t be a stranger, just give us a shout.

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