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Will Boomerang Spike my Website Traffic?

How to measure the leads generated by the Boomerang auto-responder

A 10 branch agency client, who recently signed up to Homeflow Boomerang, asked us:

“Should we expect Boomerang to create a spike in traffic to our website, and is there any way to measure it using Google Analytics?”

Great questions, so we thought we’d publish our response here…

Firstly, yes, you can track Boomerang

Boomerang emails can be tagged up with Google Analytics campaign tracking, linked in to your main Google Analytics account. We can do this whether you have a Homeflow website or not.

This makes it easy to see which traffic was generated by Homeflow Boomerang and the behaviour of these customers once they are on your website.

Boomerang generates solid click through rates

Across a group of agents we looked at this for recently, stats indicate the emails get just over 2% click through rate. That’s about double the industry average for well-maintained email newsletters, and over 4-times the click through rate for a purchased list. This all makes perfect sense, as Boomerang emails are useful, “welcomed” emails.

Boomerang is about being professional, prompt and polite

Homeflow Boomerang can play an important role in building your agency brand.

Boomerang sends a branded mail, with your logo and in your colours, as a prompt response within minutes of the portal enquiries. It does so relentlessly, and consistently. Which is like the web equivalent of having a very prompt, polite negotiator answering the phone within 3 rings, 24 hours a day.

As Homeflow Boomerang includes a staff profile for the relevant office, it gives you personality in a de-personalised world. And it positions you as highly professional, a cut above the rest, more organised and more sophisticated.

It also does its bit helping with winning instructions. Applicants from the portals are disproportionately likely to have a house to sell, so the Boomerang is a great tool to impress potential vendors. They’ll take away the implication that if you respond to their enquiry that professionally, you’ll do the same for their buyers – a powerful brand impression, right where it counts!

Furthermore, Boomerang works on branch emails (the multi-send leads that went to 15 other agents at the same time as they were sent to you) as well as property specific leads. If you’re the only agent to respond promptly and courteously, rather than ignoring the multi-send mails (as most agents do), then you’re the one setting the strong, leading, responsive brand impression. Guess who they’re going to feel favourably inclined to instruct for their house sale out of the 10 agents in town!

The traffic Boomerang generates is VERY valuable traffic

The click throughs that Boomerang generates is NOT casual traffic. It is traffic that has already demonstrated a propensity to send enquiries via the web (that’s how they got there). This is very active, proven, high value traffic to get onto your site, get registered directly within your customer database.

And it’s traffic that is disproportionately good for SEO

As we’ve covered in various SEO articles, Google’s uses measures of ‘quality’ to rank your site. One important factor is the ratio of repeat visitors to your site – as if a site is worth visiting, people will come back.

Until Homeflow Boomerang, the main tool for driving up your repeat visit ratio is your property-matching email alert engine.

Traffic generated by Boomerang is highly likely to be repeat traffic. A large number of people who enquire once go on to make multiple enquiries, and that means that the Boomerang traffic is very likely to improve your SEO results, and get you higher up the Google rankings.

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