Stats from the Overlord

Here's what Google has to say to estate agents - and they have both insight and oversight

It’s very easy to sit within our industry and get obsessed by the power and scale of the portals. Especially as we publish this (start of 2015) and there is a war of words and stats being exchanged. attended an event at Google yesterday run by Tom at Digital Munkey.

It was primarily Google loving themselves & mostly about PPC, however they did reel off some cracking stats that we can use day to day to sell more sites.

We can use it to pertain to the fact you should spend online rather than off, ensure your site is responsive, present your site well & ensure it’s a valuable resource that reflects your brand & do your best to appear as high as possible on search result pages.

In general UK retail, Did you know…

– 93% of European shoppers use Google as a start point on line shop

– 61% of pople now prefer using a screen / device instead of a newspaper

– In the UK, people now spend 3 hours 41 minutes more time online than watching TV

– The UK has seen a 2.4% drop in high street footfall

– 1.75 billion is spend on line every week

– 63% of people surf whilst ‘watching’ TV

– During a surfing journey, 90% of people switch between at least 2 devices

– 93% of people research on line before buying

– People use on average 10.4 sources of info before buying

– 41% buy off a mobile device (be available on every device)

– 19% research online before visiting store

– 64% of UK population watch YouTube (the second largest search engine)

Estate Agent Specifics, did you know…

– 49% of sellers take 6 weeks to choose an agent

– 35% contact 3 agents for valuations

– 67% of users click on the first 5 results (including paid ads)

– 29% don’t scroll down at all!